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To All Parents Considering Chicagoland Baseball Academy CBA

I just wanted to tell our story, My name is Santiago Valentin, a Father and former High School coach. My youngest son got introduced to travel baseball at the age of 10. He was a good player who enjoyed the game and always made the "all star" team. But when he went to travel ball, that was a whole different monster, travel ball parents is like religion, you and your son better be serious about playing and wanting to learn and practice. At the end of our 10Useason, we were blessed to find CBA. Over the next 2yrs we spent hours and days in the gym and on the field and driving all over the Chicago Suburbs. But it was worth it. When we moved to the western suburbs we had to find new team. We tried out for 3 teams, made 2 of them and was recruited by another. all these teams were and are considered great teams. Because of the training Josiah received at CBA ,from 2017-18, he was selected By Top Tier Baseball, July 2018, his young career and hopes of playing at the college level, will continue. I have had the privilege of coaching for many years. Both Volleyball and Baseball. I've seen good coaching and bad coaching were kids don't learn anything. If you live on the Northside of Chicago and you want your boy or girl to learn how to play ball, and become a player! CBA, should be on the top of your list! Josiah has been playing with kids from different programs even with kids even older than he is, yet his skill and knowledge is evident. Not that my son is the best, but as a parent who invest time and money there is a ROI, that is expected with your investment. Parents, there might be better teams, but not better programs. Seriously if you want to learn baseball, get coached by Bill Rosencrans and join CBA! Then if you want go see, other teams and you'll see what I see!

Santiago Valentin(parent)

Dear Coach,

I wanted to send you a note to express my thanks for the great training you provided Kyle over the past 4 months. I can not tell you how much Kyle has grown as a ballplayer as a result of your program. After 3 years of not making our local travel team, Kyle hit the try-outs this year and made the team with flying colors. Hearing comments at try-outs from coaches and parents such as “He is in mid season form in April” and “His mechanics are flawless” made your program worth it’s weight in gold! Not only has your program improved Kyle’s baseball skills, but also his overall athleticism and confidence on and off the field. It is for this very reason that your program is the best in the Chicagoland area. Thanks again Bill, he would not be where he is today without you.


Jeff Marcus

We've recently regeistered our 6 and 8 year old boys and are loving the results and experience at CBA. Coach Bill and Coach Eric do a great job at differentiating instruction between the boys. In the 90 minute instruction the kids are active nearly the entire time. The hitting stations rotate between instruction and competitions (including radar exit velocity) and the kids love it. Hitting is followed by 30 min of fielding then 30 min of throwing. Our 8 year old has blown up in hitting and throwing velocity in just 3 weeks and our 6 year old has progressed in confidence and love of the game. The only requirement was that the kids listen to the safety instructions. The coaches do a great job of keeping all kids (8-12 most days) safe, engaged, and progressing rapidly in skills.

Angela DeVinney

Great place to learn or sharpen your softball skills They have many trainers and the drills they do with the girls makes them coming back for more


Abby is a great coach and the sessions are very organized .

Rebecca H.

This is a great facility to enhance baseball skills at any level.

Joanne S.

The instructor was knowledgeable and knew what he was doing. He was very professional and taught my son a lot during the hour we were scheduled.

Regina K.

Great training facility for baseball. Owner is a great teacher and offers comprehensive classes to improve players. Really was just what we were looking for to augment our sons travel team practice!

Kari S.

My son enjoyed his experience learning how to play baseball with coach Bill. He learned so much just within a few days!

Kieu T.

Excellent experience for my son, teaching him fundamentals of the game. Love the video analysis of hitting and pitching; excellent teaching tool. Coach/owner fast email responses, personable, and professional. Highly recommend to anyone who desires to get back to the basic skills of training in baseball.

Mary B.

Bill was extremely nice and my son loved going to all the classes. He learned got stronger and learned a lot in that month.

Chris I.

My son has had a great time training at the Academy, and his confidence when batting in games has improved tremendously. We have signed on for more lessons after this Groupon. Highly recommended.

Mark S.

My sons, age 9 and 7, attended their first training session at CBA on 12/8. They had a great experience. They were engaged and active for the vast majority of the 90 minute workout. The time for each skill (30 minutes hitting, 30 minutes throwing, 30 minutes fielding) was just right. They did NOT spend a lot of time standing around listening to the coach talk about how much he knows (like other facilities we have been to) instead they spent time being active and learning while doing. The instruction by Coach Bill and Eric was done at opportune times that allowed the kids to get maximum number of reps. My sons can not wait to go back to CBA. If your kids love baseball, then CBA is the place for you to go!

Christine Gialo

I highly recommend Coach Eric Lopez for private lessons at CBA. Eric is a successful high school coach who is knowledgeable in all facets of the game. My son and his friend had a series of five lessons with Eric, and both had permanent improvement in their skills. As a first-year pony player, my son became the #2 pitcher on his team despite not having been allowed to pitch the previous two seasons. As a hitter he reached the outfield walls for the first time. In fielding he became his team's go-to first baseman. His friend, in only his second year of competitive baseball, began to hit the ball hard and helped his pony team win games with his offense. Best of all, Eric is not a yeller who intimidates kids. He knows how to talk to young people in a way that motivates them while still keeping the sport fun.

Tom Klonoski


I am very happy with CBA, extraordinary people. Thank you for such great program!