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MINI (Ages 2-4) Tu,F,Su
BEGINNER (Ages 5-8)
ADVANCED (Ages 13-19)

Camp Basics

*Players need: 1) Glove 2) Helmet 3) Bat 4) Gym shoes.
*Camp is held 3 days a week.
*Most players attend 1 or 2 days a week.
*The program is comprehensive. Hitting, defense, pitchers, catchers, core/agility

What you get

A professional and comprehensive program:  Everything is covered. Hitting, defense, core, agility, pitchers, catchers.

Guaranteed results.  We track their progress by objectively measuring their hitting, throwing and agility measurements.

Average increase after only one month = Hitting velocity +8mph;  bat velocity +10mph; throwing velocity +5mph.

 Players learn

Hard work, discipline and accountability: Camp is a lot of work. There is no standing around during practice and we follow a strict schedule. Players are given responsibilities and we expect them to be accountable.

Consequences: If players are goofing around or not following directions coaches will give them extra conditioning.   

Competition and fun: We are serious about our training but this is a game and we want players to have fun. We play lots of games and create a competitive environment.

 How to use the program

Attending 3 days a week is a lot and it can cause burnout. Most players attend one or two days a week. However, as long as players are having fun, bring them as often as you like!

Documented Results

Average increase after only ONE month
Hitting Velocity: 8+ mph
Throwing Velocity: 5+ mph
Bat Speed: 10+ mph
*Over 500 players measured


 June 10-August 9
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday
**Classes are held in the morning**


August 13-Oct 31
Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday

Winter 1

 November 1-December 31
Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Winter 2

January 1-February 28
Monday, Wednesday, Friday


March 2-June 13
Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday


One Day Trial: $20
1 Camp: $499 
2 Camps: $899
Continue your current camp: $159/month
Year: $1,500 (includes renting cages)