Amateur Program (Ages 9 and up)
Junior Program (Ages 4-8)

Memberships are our bread and butter. 
Hitting, throwing, core workouts and defensive training take place in a highly organized group setting.  Classes are held at least 4 days a week.  Attend as often as you like.

If you are interested in results, you will not find a better training option anywhere.  Period.  Our players work together, learn from each other and compete against one another.  What does that look like?  We have college and high school players training along side middle school and grade school players.  It's literally big brother teaching little brother.   If your competitive and you like to work hard, this program is for you.

Classes offered at CBA
-Pro Hitting
-Power Throwing
-Core Training
-Catchers Camp

Pro Hitting

Putting the athlete back into hitting.


With a variety of drills our hitters have the opportunity to work on every part of their game. Hitting classes includes tee work, flips, short toss and live batting practice. 


We track progress with a radar gun, bat speed and distance machines. 


Classes focus on the following: 


Loading up

Learning how to track the baseball

How to take pitches

Hitting the curveball/change up

Inside/outside pitches

Gaining ground on the backside

Power Throwing

It doesn’t matter if you pitch, catch or play the field.  Everyone can become a more productive player if they throw harder and with more accuracy.


Pitchers also work on curve balls, change ups, pickoff moves, throwing from the stretch and fielding their position.


All throwing classes include core-training time to keep arms healthy and strong.

Core training