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Tryouts are held all year and take place during our regular scheduled practices.
How to tryout: 1) Call or email to schedule a tryout date. 2) Fill out online form. 
Tryout fee: $20

CBA Philosophy
*We think the best part about youth sports is that players learn important life lessons. We focus on accountability, hard word, attention to detail, competition, communication, leadership,  teamwork, and consequences.
*Players are given responsibilities: They do the scorebook, coach 1b, count equipment, organize the dugout, chart pitchers, and warm up pitchers/catchers.
*Tryouts: CBA does not hold a traditional "tryout" each year looking for better players. We are investing in you and it is our job to develop you as the best player you can be. If you work hard and have a good attitude, we will always want you back.

What we want from you

*A good attitude, competitive spirit and a team first approach.
*Players who love it and want to work hard to get better: Baseball is an acquired talent and it requires a lot of repetition. This is an intense program and we practice all the time.
*Commitment: Players and parents who are committed to getting better and putting the time in. This means coming to practice and being on time to games.

*Athletes: We encourage you to play other sports. There is plenty of time for you to come to us throughout the year. However, if you are not playing another sport we expect you to be working out with us.

What you get
*A professional program with a plan. All levels of teams receive the same uniform set of instruction principals that allows each individual to reach their potential.
*Year round training. At least 3 to 4 days of training (practice) a week all year. 144 plus days of practice!
*High School players: We help you with the college process. If you want to play in college, we will get you there.
*Unlimited renting during off hours.

Game Schedule


Tournaments: At least 4 tournaments will be scheduled throughout the season
Summer (league games and tournaments): 35-40 games
Fall: 10-12 games
Total games: 45-50

15U-18U (HS players)

Summer (June and July)
League games or tournaments (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)

Total games: 30-40

Practice is available at least 3 days a week all year. 
During the season: Attendance is expected.
Off-season: Optional. Play another sport! If you are not playing another sport we expect you to be working out with us.

Outdoor field locations
Niles, Skokie, Morton Grove, Edgebrook and other local fields.

Total: $2,799