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New players

The primary focus at CBA is our Membership Program.   Hitting, throwing, core training and defensive breakdown classes take place in a highly organized group setting.  Classes are held at least 4 days a week.  Attend as often as you like.

If you are interested in results, you will not find a better training option anywhere.  Period.  Our players work together, learn from each other and compete against one another.  What does that look like?  We have college and high school players training along side middle school and grade school players.  It's literally big brother teaching little brother.   If you're competitive and you like to work hard, this program is for you.

Infield Breakdown Class

Before and After Part 2

Our Statistics
We measure our players' exit speed, max velocity, and bat speed.   Below are the results. 
We've only been open for 2 years

Exit Speed
(How fast the ball travels off your bat)
Increased over 5 mph: 74 players
Increased over 10 mph: 32 players
Increased over 20 mph: 8 players
Increased over 30 mph: 1 player

Max Velocity
Increased over 5 mph: 70 players
Increased over 10 mph: 15 players
Increased over 20 mph: 1 player

Bat Speed
Increased over 5 mph: 59 players
Increased over 10 mph: 42 players
Increased over 20 mph: 13 players
Increased over 30 mph: 4 players
Increased over 40 mph: 1 player

We understand that those numbers are hard to believe so we get many of them on video.  You can
check out over 50 of our player videos on our YouTube Channel

Pro Hitting class at CBA

Core training

Working on backhand short hops during an infield class.